The Norwegian spring-spawning herring breeds mostly in the north of Norway and the Barents Sea. Herring is a delicious sea product and is eaten fresh, smoked or preserved as pickled herring, marinated herring, etc.

The Norwegian fishing season mainly occurs during the period from October to March when the herring have attained to high quality and are easily accessible.The herring fishing season for the North Sea Herring mainly occurs during summer and autumn.

Catching Method: Purse seine


125-200 gr
200-300 gr
250 gr+
300 gr+
350 gr+
400 gr+

Grading butterfly fillets:  10-16 pcs/kg.
8-12 pcs/kg.
6-10 pcs/kg.
5-8 pcs/kg.
4-7 pcs/kg.

Grading single fillets:  30-50g
40-70 gr
50-80 gr
80-110 gr
100 gr+

  • Product categories: Whole-round, fillets and flaps
  • Packing type: Standard 20 kg cartons and vacuum packed
  • Season: September-march

Fat percent

  • January: 12-16%
  • March : 7-9%
  • May: 8-12%
  • September: 18-22%
  • December: 15-16%
  • Nutritional facts: Herring is an excellent source of vitamins A, D and B12. It has a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids.