Stock fish

100% natural stock fish


Dried fish from Lofoten are wild caught skrei (cod) from the sea just outside Lofoten. The fish contains no additives or preservatives. This Product is the result  of a long natural drying and maturation process just as the Vikings did 1000 years ago.

The climate at Værøy is stable year-round and, therefore perfect for the production of dried fish. The best temperature for drying fish is between 0 ° C and + 5 ° C, and here in Værøy, the drying conditions are optimal. Correct amount of rainfall, plenty of wind, no frost or very high temperatures means that there are no better conditions for dry fish than here!

The fish is hung on the racks during the period February / March until the beginning of June. Then we take the fish down from the racks, stack it on pallets and place them in shelves in a climate room with ample air circulation and proper humidity.

When the fish has been in stock for a month, our selectors start their work. This is the expert in dry fish. Each fish is sorted by quality, weight and length. This work takes many years of experience and learning, so that customers around the world get what they want.

After sorting, the fish is packed or squeezed into boxes or bundles and distributed further to our markets.

Stock fish from Lofoten is a unique quality product, and it was the first of two Norwegian foods to receive European Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.