Cod is widely sought after for its taste and delicious appearance. The flesh is moist and flaky when cooked, and bright white in color. It is well suited for drying. Categorized into Prime and Second grade.

Prime grade

Prime grade Stock fish includes Ragno, Westre Magro (WM), Westre Demi Magro (WDM), Grand Premier (GP), Lub, Bremer (BR), Hollender (HO), Westre Courant (WC), Westre Ancona (WA), Westre Piccolo (WP).

Second grade

Second grade stock fish includes Italia Grande (IG), Italia Grande Magro (IGM),
Italia Medio (IM), Italia Medio Magro (IMM), Italia Piccolo (IP).

Stock fish is packaged in 25kg cartons, 45 and 50 kg bales

We produce Stock fish naturally dried outside, in excellent conditions at Værøy. The production of stock fish has its roots in an old tradition. The raw material is caught right next to the production facilities.